Without a constant livelihood, there will be no constant heart.

Let's take our courage into our hands and do it, and then we can leave it up to them to mend their ways as much as they can: we shall n't really care what the outcome is, just as long as we are no longer subjugated to them.


With the Support of PADI Shenoi Nagar Lions Club we gave 20 Cycles with fishing nets to Poovalai Village People


With our Support Sunnambukulam Omasamudram irular got four motorized Boats from CII.


Tailoring Machines, Goats & Band set given to Ramapuram irular colony with the support of Help to Poor and Needy Team


As per this scheme your donations will be utilised to turn them into entrepreneurs. Instead they should submit their proposal based on that we will fine tune and give them interest free loan ( only in the form of Materials) & they should return the amount in EMI basis.We hope that we can serve to more families by this scheme


Given 3 Boats & Fishing Nets For the irulla community people @ T.S peattai in chidambaram. 6 families will be benefitted & they will return Rs 6000 every month. We need 30 Boats.


Shop ( Rs 50,000.) Given to Mrs. Pachaimmal @ Kumaramangalam in Cuddalore dt. She returned Rs 10,000 in 5 In 5 EMIs.

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