Even after 60 years of independence there are cluster of people isolated without the reach of benefit from independence and social and economic development. One such cluster was identified and by thriving efforts of one individual the group is being taken into mainstream. We support education of children by supporting schools and running tution centers on our own.


Tiruvalluvar Gurukulam, is serving more than 170 so far neglected children with free education, food and accommodation. It has three free educational institutions - a Residential Elementary School, a Residential home for students of higher standards and residential home for girls.

Our Support

In association with the NGO called Swami Vivekananda Social Welfare Organisation – Chrompet.

  • Organised special coaching by footing the incentive for teachers on performance every month
  • Gifted food materials ,uniform and health care items like paste, soap,brushes and note books and other stationary items for about 70,000 Rupees for two consecutive years
  • Gifted dresses for deepavali
  • Organised sports events for pongal and infused confidence in them
  • Provided Study Materials & Note books for Two consecutive Years.
  • This Year provided 2sets of Uniforms (Each) for all the 150 Students Organizing Special classes like Silambattam & Abacus
  • Organized free Eye camp & given Specs


Today , our education system has become a business rather than a service. Because of which the underprivileged are deprived of the education and leading a miserable life. To overcome this situation we have thought of a system where in the underprivileged students will be provided education at free of cost and the parents are free from their Fees burden . We have named it as “Zero Fees” model. In the “Zero fees” model , the entire operational cost of the school is taken care by the school management with support from NGOs’, Individual sponsors, Company CSR , Siruthuligal Foundation and funds from the founders of Danirasa Foundation . This model will be a boon for the people those who cannot afford to admit their children even in the government schools. Once this model succeeds, 1000s of children will get benefitted.

Our Support

  • Providing Salary for 15 Teachers Rs. 12lacks for the academic year 2018 – 19.
  • Providing morning breakfast to the school kids (300) . Through Sathiya Sai Trust “ Annapoorna Scheme”


In addition to the Schools we also running 24 Tuition Centers in threes Districts. Through the tuition Centers we are giving Man making & Character building Education to the Students. We have tuition centers in Cuddalore, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts.

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